Nine Elements of a New Good Woman!

Nine Elements of a New Good Woman!

High quality is one of the first requirements for a good young woman.

In the age of knowledge, not knowing how to operate a computer has become “semi-illiterate”.

There are more and more young girls in some cutting-edge technology fields, and some software development is no longer just for men.

Their ratio to grandmother and mother has gone a long way and cannot be praised in the traditional language of praise system. In the past we love to say “character determines destiny”. Today, we should say “quality determines destiny”.

  A woman with a lot of self-confidence doesn’t go wild all day.

The way to surpass men is not to oppress them under their own hegemony, but to stretch and confidently live as they do; nor is it to issue war books to men all day, or to put on an “Emperor take turns to sit.”My family” offensive attitude.

Self-confidence is not arrogance, self-confidence is belief, and only believe will be happy.

  A complete and independent new woman has a complete and independent personality.

Financially, she does not bear anyone, because she understands that the economic foundation of bearing is a necessity for maintaining self-esteem.

Through economic independence, she enjoys the satisfaction of achievement; in the spiritual realm, she is not a subsidiary of a man, and is more self-conscious. They pursue self-worth and self-goal.

Although having a happy family is still the pursuit of too many women, but will no longer cry for men who do not love themselves, nor will they wait for a lifetime because of men’s commitment.

She just believed in herself.

  Exuberant power Exuberant power has always been a man’s advantage. In fact, the labor intensity of modernization is not inferior to the labor intensity of the pre-industrial era. There is an invisible little fox behind the physical competition.

Excellent modern women must include strong fitness in their lifestyle, and fitness is as important as vitamins.

Smart women will know how to give up and give up those things that require physical effort without much meaning and value.

  Decisive and innovative. Modern women are extremely in the state of work.

This state is actually the most advanced and most effective way of life for modern people: act decisively and decisively, and never let things go.

Starting from self, don’t pay attention to the harmony with the surroundings.

If a dispute arises, it is only the wrong thing.

There is no complacency.

  Don’t forget to recharge in the ever-changing world of technology.

New good women understand this, so they are constantly enriching themselves and improving their knowledge and skills.

She may not have a natural advantage, but she absolutely believes in the creation of the day after tomorrow.

She is harder and more aggressive than men, not that she has no confidence in herself, or is more ambitious than men.

So men began to feel a sense of urgency.

  Tolerance, allowing different life concepts to exist in thousands of worlds, there are all kinds of wonders, and what is the relationship between strange things?

There is no absolute concept of right and wrong in Vientiane.

Everyone has their own way to go high, and may have different routes, and eventually we stand on the same highest point.

New good women can be tolerant, know how to respect others ‘choices, and agree with others’ lifestyles.

  Don’t think that modern women ignore the housework and only know how to make money, and don’t think that with a nanny, you can let go of everything at home.

Occasionally, there must be a “femininity”. In the next kitchen, a delicious table is prepared for the gentleman. The atmosphere of life needs to be created by yourself.

She is not a static character. She flows between professional women and good wives and mothers. What roles and roles are unambiguous.

  Beauty is always the pursuit of women’s greedy, of course, must be greedy for beauty.

Beautiful women are not necessarily born beautiful, but they definitely know how to dress themselves.

Let the mood of each day brighten with the clothes.

They are beautiful, not for pleasing men, not for vanity, but for women’s love of life and self-esteem.