Five health regimens in winter are very effective in treating colds and colds.


Five health regimens in winter are very effective in treating colds and colds.

In the cold winter, in addition to the hot pot, the favorite is to drink soup, go home at night, drink a bowl of hot soup, warm, and suddenly one day’s fatigue is eliminated.

In order to change the law to the family, the chefs at home are also racking their brains. What kind of soup is suitable for drinking in winter?

That must be these five kinds, disease prevention complement, it is awesome!

It is suitable for drinking these 5 kinds of soups in winter. The effect is different. 1. In the cold winter of the cold, the yang in the human body will be insufficient. When you go out, the cold will be forced, and it will be easily injured by the cold evil.

Some people are particularly afraid of cold. When they are winter, their hands and feet are cold, sleepy and tired, and their faces are white and white.

Therefore, in the winter, we must properly supplement the yang, and timely remove the cold in the body, in order to not be attacked by cold evil.

Recommended Recipe: Angelica Ginger and Mutton Soup: This is the therapeutic side of the Eastern Han Dynasty Zhang Zhongjing’s “Golden Dragonfly”, especially suitable for winter and winter.

This medicinal diet consists of three ingredients: Angelica, Ginger and Lamb.

Among them, Angelica can nourish blood, the nature is warm, there is the effect of nourishing blood and promoting blood circulation; ginger as a common Chinese medicine, can dispel cold in the warm, sweating solution.

Mutton is a delicious food for all ages. It is warm in nature and can be used to warm up.

The three are combined to have the effect of warming the blood, relieving cold and relieving pain.

Women’s winter hands and feet are cold, you can drink this soup; patients with a history of frostbite before taking it in winter, can also prevent frostbite.

Method: Wash the mutton, remove the fascia, cut into small pieces, and put it into the casserole; cut the ginger into thin slices, wash the angelica, wrap the ginger and angelica with gauze, and put them into the casserole; add the water in the casserole and cook with high heat.Open, then use a little fire for about two hours.

Add some salt and eat meat and soup.

2, spleen and stomach in the winter, is also a season where many people will suffer from stomach problems, cold and dry gas is easy to make the spleen and stomach discomfort, poor appetite.

Therefore, usually pay more attention to spleen and stomach.

Recommended recipe: pepper pork belly soup effect: white pepper has the effect of warming and dispelling cold, pig stomach nourishing stomach and stomach.

Practice: Take 15 grams of white pepper and break it for use.

One fresh pork belly, washed, then put the broken white pepper into the washed pork belly, add about 20 ml of water, and tie the ends with a thread.

Slowly simmer for 1 hour and season after serving.

3, Qingfei throat, whether it is the smog in the north or the dust in the south, cause our respiratory system to suffer, especially the throat and lungs, and it is easy to make cough in winter. It is very important to clear the lungs and throat.It is.
Recommended recipe: Yuzhu Shashen pig lung soup effect: Yuzhu is a traditional Chinese medicine for nourishing yin. It is sweet and sweet, enters the lungs, stomach, functions as yin and moist, dry and thirst, with sand ginseng, pigThe lung stew soup has the functions of moistening the lungs and relieving cough, and nourishing the stomach and the body.

Practice: Wash the sand ginseng and cut into sections, rinse with Yuzhu water, and use gauze to pack for spare; pig lungs should be rinsed with water, and then taken out in boiling water for use; put gauze and pig lungs into casserole, addThe amount of water is boiled, the fire is boiled, and the fire is slowly simmered.

After 2 hours, add salt to taste.

4, the early cold winter, people often accidentally caught a cold, but sneezing, runny nose, it is too uncomfortable, then it is necessary to send “five tiger soup.”

Recommended recipe: Wuhu Tang effect: Wuhu soup is created by the well-known old Chinese medicine doctor Li Ke.

It consists of 5 kinds of daily ingredients such as ginger, jujube, onion, walnut and black bean.

Ginger, can sweat and dispel evil, and drive out the cold from the body surface; walnut can make up the kidney, help the righteousness; jujube nourish the stomach to nourish the stomach; black bean black into the kidney and kidney filling, green onion white hollow taste, can sweat table,Access to yang, this is also “to shape the shape, to regulate the gas.”

It is most suitable for cold and allergic rhinitis in the early winter.

Practice: fresh ginger 45 grams, jujube 45 grams, red dates, open without going to the core; 6 walnuts, broken shell with medicine; black beans 30 grams, black leather yellow heart is better.

Add about 1000 ml of water and cook for 45?
60 minutes; scallion 1?
2, the Northeast green onions, that is, Beijing onions, take the white section, go to the must, each cut into 4 segments, and finally 15 minutes.

5, enhance immunity Chinese medicine believes that the main body of the lungs, the nose and throat is the portal of the lungs.

The polluted air that is full of viruses, bacteria and harmful smoke is only a hazard to the above mentioned organisms, and the above-mentioned organisms spread the harm to the whole body.

In normal times, it can increase the immunity of the soup to enhance the ability of the lungs and the body to resist disease.

Recommended recipe: Ganoderma lucidum pig lean meat soup ingredients: 12 grams of Ganoderma lucidum, 50 grams of lean pork, two figs.
Practice: first cut the ganoderma lucidum into thin slices, wash, then wash the pig lean meat and figs with water; then put the above food into the casserole, use the medium heat 鐓?1?
2 hours.

After cooking, wait for the temperature and eat it in divided portions.

Tips: The above 5 kinds of soup are suitable for the winter supplement of the general population, and it will vary from person to person for special people.
At the same time pay attention to high blood pressure patients to control the soup to control less salt, and gout patients should not drink old fire soup, too much stomach acid to drink less broth.