4 things women should pay attention to after 25


4 things women should pay attention to after 25

Bending up and down eyelashes, slightly upright little nose, plump and shiny lips . Can you imagine a perfect side face that is so beautiful?

A woman’s drooping face and blurred lines are mainly due to the loss of collagen and aging of the skin due to aging. The 25-year-old is a key point. If you don’t take good care, you will go downhill quickly after 30.

Do not see your relaxed side face in the mirror next to you when you get off the elevator in some days, time is too late!

  Maintenance articles: 4 points that women should pay attention to after 25 years of age: drooping eye corners-upper eyelids begin to relax, blood circulation becomes slow, and dark circles and sagging are easily caused; sagging flesh behind the corners of the mouth-a coin-sized piece near the cornerSlacken excess meat; 模糊 part of the blush contour of blush-slightly overly changed cheeks slowly moving down; lowered the head to show the double chin-usually not obvious when looking at the front, but as soon as you lower your head to show.

  Solution 1: Anti-aging products + lifting method + collagen food anti-aging products replace peptides, fruit acids, vitamin C (repairs fine lines) and other ingredients, supplement products containing antioxidants (anti-aging), andA certain lifting technique is used to massage and strengthen, taking a certain amount of collagen food (nutritional supplement) daily.

  Recommended products: civilian version of anti-aging cream-Magnolia oil gold pure plastic facial cream 50g ¥ 240 Product efficacy: 1.

It contains the highest concentration of Olay’s proprietary amino acid peptide complex.


Start with cell-level care, so that thousands of surface skin cells are full and full.


No lifting care is required. In just 14 days, it can make your skin firmer and smoother, lifting the skin and helping to reshape the contours.

  Makeup highlights: Eyeliner: The eyeliner is longer, and it is best to stop at the recess of the corner of the eye, and it has weight from the side.

  Brow tail: The brow tail is too short and looks truncated from the side. The best length is parallel to the recess of the eyebrow.

  Blush: Brush the blush horizontally and connect it to the side, so that there is no gap between the skin and the hairline.

  Eyelashes: If the end of the eyelashes are down, you feel sleepy from the side, so the eyelashes must be lifted.

  Mouth of the mouth: The contours of the lips must not be in line with the skin. In short, it is right to swell the lips.