Soaking feet can not only maintain health, but also hurt the body. Eight people should decisively refuse

Soaking feet can not only maintain health, but also hurt the body. Eight people should decisively refuse

In many people’s minds, the foot bath has a great effect on health and is suitable for both young and old. Therefore, more and more people in life have a foot before going to sleep, but they do not know that the foot is not suitable for everyone.

Forbidden people in the foot of the foot 1. Children in the developmental stage can not soak their feet, only wash their feet, and the water temperature is not suitable for children when washing their feet. At this stage, the child is long when the body is tooThe hot water is soaked, it is likely to damage the plantar ligament, and the ligament is deformed and relaxed due to continuous heating. It is very unfavorable for the development of the arch, and it is still easy to cause the foot for a long time.

2, people who are fasting or eating too much on an empty stomach or who are too full are not suitable for soaking feet, because when the feet are soaked, our blood vessels in the feet will expand, and the blood volume at this part will also increase, so it is easy to causeInsufficient blood supply to the gastrointestinal and visceral parts affects digestion. If you soak your feet before meals, it will inhibit the secretion of gastric juice. It is very unfavorable for digestion. If you soak your feet immediately after a meal, you should help the blood in your stomach.Will be transferred to the foot, but will affect digestion.

3, renal failure patients with heart failure and renal failure are more serious diseases, the condition is not stable, the foot reflex zone will have a certain reaction, and this reaction is likely to stimulate the body, causing the disease to deteriorateTherefore, this group of people is not suitable for bathing.

4, pregnant women and physiological women in the pregnancy and menstrual period can not soak feet, especially can not choose Chinese medicine bath, because this situation is likely to stimulate the female gonads, will affect the female endocrine and gonadsHealth.

5, diabetic patients can not soak their feet because their perception of temperature is not high, when the nerve endings can not normally feel the temperature of the water is easily burned by water, sometimes the water temperature is too high to detect, until seeThe blisters on the feet were noticed.

6, patients with bleeding disease bleeding patients including hemoptysis, vomiting blood and blood in the stool, even including gastric bleeding uterine bleeding and other visceral bleeding, because it will accelerate blood flow when soaking feet, will promote body bleeding.

7, the elderly patients with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease should pay special attention to the body, because the blood will move to the lower limbs when the feet are soaked, so it is easy to feel dizziness when soaking the feet, if the patient has chest tightness and dizziness when soaking the feetThe symptoms must stop immediately, then lie flat on the bed and slowly recover.

8, frozen feet can not be bubbled whatever needs a step-by-step process, if the foot is frostbitten and suddenly hot feet with hot water, then the temperature of the foot will suddenly suddenly from quenching to sudden heat, and the skin and muscles can not experienceThis huge change in a short time, in severe cases, may even separate the muscles from the bones, so the feet should be slowly simmered after the frostbite, let the feet heat up, and when the foot temperature is close to normal, then soak the feet.

There are many benefits of soaking feet. Adjusting blood pressure can improve blood circulation and sleep quality. It can also promote the body’s metabolism. As long as there is no such problem, it should be a good bubble.