The Son of Weather director Xin Haicheng looks forward to projecting an Oscar with Zaer

“The Son of Weather” director Xin Haicheng looks forward to projecting an Oscar with “Zaer”
Sauna Night News (Reporter Li Yan) On October 27, Japan’s 2019 box office champion “Son of the Weather” held a China press conference and premiere in Beijing.Ten billion director Xin Haicheng once again came to China with his new work; the band RADWIMPS, which is responsible for the soundtrack of this film, also brought the film to China for the first time and made its debut with other masters for the first time.That night, Liang Xuan, director of “Big Fish Begonia”, Cheng Teng, director of “Jiang Ziya”, Han Bing, voice actress of “Avatar of Nezha” Ao Bing, musician Zhao Shuai, and other guests also joined the scene to help the film.Xin Haicheng, director of “Son of Weather”.Director Xin Haicheng bluntly said, “In fact, the production process is very painful.”It is reported that “The Son of the Weather” has more than 1,700 shots, better than “Your Name.”》 More than 100, but the production cycle is only one year.Director Xin Haicheng was reluctant to reduce the quality of the film and still required each lens to discuss and analyze with the team frame by frame.It took half a year to completely create the “Son of the Weather” that appeared in the exquisite and beautiful scene under the condition of complete endlessness.In addition to the overall expectations, many details in the film can not be ignored.For example, in the film “The Catcher in the Rye” that appeared many times in the film, Xin Haicheng explained, “The protagonist of the book is the same as the protagonist of the film, and they are young people who cannot adapt to society.”name.》 The surprise of the male and female protagonists appeared.Lead singer of RADWIMPS band Noda Yojiro.It is worth mentioning that “The Son of the Weather” will serve as a representative of Japan, competing with the “Dead Boy of Nezha” for the best international film Oscar and best full-length animation replacement.Director Xin Haicheng realized this news and said, “I look forward to” Nezha “”, and humbly hope that Japanese animation can learn from Chinese animation and work hard together.It is reported that the film will be released in Mainland China on November 1.Sauna, Ye Wang Li Yan editor Huang Jialing school against Li Ming