Forgetting sex is not necessarily dementia

“Forgetting sex” is not necessarily dementia

Recently, a number of elderly readers have consulted the health hotline of this newspaper, saying that they are 鈥渇orgetting big鈥?and worry that they will develop into dementia.
Experts said that near memory loss is indeed the performance of early Alzheimer’s disease, but “forgetting sex” is not necessarily Alzheimer’s disease or will develop into Alzheimer’s disease, it is likely to be benign senile amnesia.
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Other patients will have psychiatric symptoms in the early stage, such as always suspecting that others are saying bad things about them; some of them depicting things that have never happened before; some are repeatedly walking around at night.
銆€銆€Memory loss may not be Alzheimer’s disease Experts also remind that elderly people with memory loss may not be dementia or develop into dementia.
Benign senile amnesia, also known as age-related memory loss, is a natural physiological phenomenon in the elderly, mainly characterized by decreased mechanical memory and long-term memory retention, but it is easy for the elderly to remember the main events in recent memory (Impressed) and events that are reasoned to remember.
銆€銆€In addition, the old man’s thinking, personality, language, etc. did not drop significantly, there is no obvious obstacles in interpersonal communication, and he can actively seek other ways to compensate for the defects of memory, such as using Notepad.
With the passage of time, dementia patients, in addition to memory disorders, gradually appear multi-faceted mental decline, and the decline in social activity ability and self-care ability.
銆€銆€The painting clock can be self-tested for dementia. Experts told reporters that there are many ways to help patients find their patients’ early conditions, such as asking the elderly to draw a clock on white paper and complete it in 10 minutes.
Draw a latched dial; write the number in the correct position; the 12 numbers on the dial are correct; position the pointer in the correct position.
Each requirement achieved a score of one, for example, a patient with 3 to 4 points indicates that the cognitive level is normal, and a score of 0 to 2 indicates a decrease in cognitive level.
銆€銆€In addition, you can also give the elderly some small questions, such as letting the old man say his birthday, age, what to eat for the meal, if there is a mistake, it is highly suspected to be dementia.
It is also possible for the old man to use the 100 minus 100 in order to see if the calculation result is correct.