Stealing Walker Park, sophomore Graham has become the new Bee Queen

Stealing Walker Park, sophomore Graham has become the new “Bee Queen”
Graham (left) is growing at an alarming rate.Figure / Osports In the summer of 2019, “Queen” Walker left the team to join the Celtics, the Hornets had to find the team’s next successor.Trading to get other superstars, or waiting for the opportunity to chase high rookies?I’m afraid even boss Jordan is a little confused.However, through the start of the new season, they soon found out that the new “Queen of the Queen” was already in the lineup. He was the second grade Derwent Graham.Successively refreshing personal drama records and numerous team history records, more than one lore opponent, averaging 6th in assists per game, has hit the second-most three-pointers in the league . Graham, who has improved rapidly this season, no doubtIt is the number one star of the Hornets and the biggest well-known candidate for the player who improves during the season.When he first entered the NBA, Graham was only a second-round pick. On the night of the 2018 draft, he was replaced by the Eagles and immediately became the Charlotte Hornets.There are too many point guards in the lineup, and the Hornets have key players such as Bridges. Graham’s debut season is actually very difficult.Less than a month after the start of last season, Graham was replaced by the Development League to exercise, and even returned to the Hornets briefly. The chances of playing were very limited.Throughout the season, Graham made 47 appearances and averaged 14 appearances.7 minutes, only 4.7 points, 1.4 rebounds, 2.Six assists are credited, and the position within the team is optional.However, Graham’s debut season was also lucky, he caught up with the last NBA season of legendary point guard Tony Parker, and the leading star Walker is also one of the best defenders in the league.”He is very willing to accept the guidance of Parker and Walker, and get real growth in the development alliance.”In the view of Hornets coach Borrego, Graham’s experience last season was invaluable.This is indeed the case. After Parker retired and Walker left the team, Graham got more opportunities to play.At the beginning of the season, he was still a substitute, but he was good at efficient performance and won the trust of the coaching staff. He quickly secured his main position, and the data also increased.As of December 31, 2019, Graham averaged 19 contributions per game.1 point, 3.9 rebounds, 7.7 assists, is the team’s blooming king, assisting king and three-point king.”Graham played well this season and I am happy for him.The praise he currently deserves is due. From the first day I met him, I knew that he was very good. Good luck will come to those who work hard. He is the best example.”How amazing is Graham’s growth, the praise of the former” Queen Bee “Walker is the most convincing.