It turns out that you are a feng shui disease – feng shui disease interpretation of dry goods stickers (on)


It turns out that you are a feng shui disease – feng shui disease interpretation of dry goods stickers (on)

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On August 12th, the Fengshui Classroom of Zhengan Xiaoyuan was full of seats. In order to let the students who did not participate in the lectures also get the teacher’s lecture content, the following is the compilation of the content of the course recording by Xiaobian. I hope everyone can learn more from the article.Feng Shui knowledge.

There are certain kinds of human diseases, one is the birth of the eight characters, we often say genetic diseases, this will inevitably occur.

There is also a disease that is feng shui, that is, living in a certain house, you will have such a disease.

But as long as it is adjusted, the condition of this patient can be reduced or healed.

All Chinese metaphysics has a corresponding method in modern science. We can explain it. When it comes to watching or Feng Shui, we say that this person’s life is good and good. In fact, this person’s health is good.The thinking is clear, so every decision he makes is correct.

When people pick a house, some people pick a similar house.

Therefore, people must be lucky to ensure good health first.

The focus of our lecture today is feng shui.

Feng Shui has two things, one is shape, the other is space, and it can also be called magnetic field (magnetic force of magnetic field).

The so-called gossip is also the influence of geomagnetism on people, just like the relationship between tides and the moon. This can also represent the state of people, ideas, moods, etc., all of which are affected by geomagnetism.

The so-called difference between the gossip and the orientation is actually the result of the influence of the magnetic force on this position.

What is the shape?

It is the judgment of the human brain, some: people will instinctively feel scared when they see sharp things, whether it will hurt you.

This is a study abroad. They put a shark’s specimen of a great white shark on a wooden board and covered it with a glass frame. Then he went to test that when you see how close the bottom is, you will be scared. In fact, some people know that one.The shark is dead, and there is a frame cover that does not jump out, but when a person approaches a certain level, he feels fear because the information reflected by his brain is dangerous.

So a big part of Feng Shui is related to the reflection of your brain, but people don’t feel it. You know that it won’t bite you. People still think that this is a danger, then he may be worried about the pressure and the body willThere will be problems.

Why do we talk about feng shui today when we talk about qi, because most of them are relatively large disasters or serious diseases.

For example: Lu Chong, the door is the road, a car is coming over, the car will not hit me, but I will be unlucky.

We are talking about what happened at the end of Lu Chong, obviously the car did not hit you, but you will think that you will be hit by the car, and in the end you will really be hit by the car, this is an effect of the road, so the roadThe effect comes mainly from two parts, one is the airflow, because we can say that the object can bring gas. After all the traffic flows, the gas quickly hits your house, and your house is easy to vibrate.The vibration of the house is no problem waiting for you to live for three months. After one year, every day, if you vibrate every day, it is easy to sleep well. You will feel uncomfortable when you live inside.

People who live in such a house are not easy to think clearly, so it is easy to get out of traffic accidents. The big reason is this.

Another type of wall knives is that there is only one half of a house facing my house. The shape of the house facing my house is L-shaped. The sharp corner formed by this L-shaped rushing will affect the human body.The situation arises, why is this happening?

In fact, it is a problem of airflow.

When the air comes over, because one side is empty, and the other side of the house, when the air hits the house, it comes along the angle of the L-shape, its acceleration becomes faster, so your house is uneven by the wind.One side is faster, the other side is slower, just like people have been blowing air conditioners, blowing the left half, it is easy to go wrong.

If you have a cold in the whole body, but if you have only blown the left half, you can easily face it.

So when it hits the house like this, your body is prone to problems and is not balanced.

This is a relatively big problem. When we talk about qi, it is a magnetic influence. You suck in the air in a certain direction. This gas is sucked for a day and two days. After sucking for another month, threeMonths may be affected by magnetic force after one year. You may find that you are uncomfortable somewhere, some kind of backache, uncomfortable stomach, uncomfortable heart, or uncomfortable eyes. This is related to feng shui. Different feng shui problems eventually lead toThe result is different, and the effect of the wall knife on the body is that there is a risk of opening the knife.

So let’s talk about how to avoid feng shui today.

This is also a basic ability of Feng Shui.

In ancient times, it was thought that the heavens and the earth were composed of five elements, and people were part of the heavens and the earth, so people were also composed of five elements.

Heaven and earth are the changes of the movement of the planet and the geomagnetism. When people are composed of five elements, the change of the earth’s atmosphere, the operation of the earth and the earth will have an impact on people.

Therefore, the influence of the five elements on people is related to the power of the planet. The process of the planet moving, the gravity caused by it affects people, and the time of birth is related to the state of the planet. At this time, his body will present correspondingstatus.

When China looks at the composition of the human body, the time is four pillars.

The four-column and eight-character is the time of ancient China. The ancients discovered that this time has its five elements. The order of each five-line sequence is changed into four-column and eight-character. This combination determines the disease you should have, and it can be said that it is from parents.Physiological problems.

We are now removing these factors to talk about the diseases that the human body is affected by the earth’s atmosphere. Because of the bad feng shui, we may suffer from diseases that we should not have. We can adjust them by feng shui.

Everyone needs to know that Feng Shui can’t protect you from being immortal, or Feng Shui can’t keep you from getting sick, because people are originally composed of his five elements, which are related to the operation of the sky when the five elements are composed.

Just like this year is the weight of the Wuxu period. If you are not suitable for adding soil in the five elements of the structure, you will feel uncomfortable in such a year. Then you can’t see this year’s thinking, and it is easy to have problems!And this problem can be alleviated by good gas, but it can’t cure it completely. Just like you have heart disease, you won’t be sick because of the good house you live in, because you have a natural heart.The problem is that the five elements are too much fire, so your heart beats fast, or the stomach is uncomfortable. It is a cause of too much fire. It won’t be sick because you change the feng shui, but it can alleviate this.Sick, because you have a lot of fire in nature, we can alleviate the problem brought by your natural five elements of energy, or you can do it yourself.

Let’s talk about the simpler way of qi and qi.

The methods I talked about are particularly simple, because most of them are beginners, so what I want to talk about is what you care about the most, so that today’s class teaches you how to avoid getting sick and how to become healthier.

You only need to know what to do, if you want to understand why and more in-depth content, we will explain in depth in the formal class.

There can be more gossip principles, or more detailed physics principles, then let’s teach you the basic principles.

Our martial art is called the three yuan, we first talk about understanding.

Our martial art believes that the inhalation of each person affects his health and his fortune.

The simple point is that he is not comfortable.

Usually it may not feel so fast. We said that this is affected by geomagnetism. The geomagnetic effect is very slow. There is no feeling in one day. Some people just say that he feels the feng shui method is to feel comfortable when entering a room.Uncomfortable, if someone feels uncomfortable after entering a room, it means that the magnetism of that place has a great influence on him.

So this place can be very serious. If you are sensitive, you will feel uncomfortable. Insensitive people will not feel much, but they will have problems.

Just like if we have been eating ditch oil today, some people will have diarrhea once they eat it. Some people will not diarrhea if they eat it ten times, but it will happen when they eat.

So things in the wind and water we feel that feeling is a way, not the best way.

Because some students are less sensitive, they may be physically stronger.

Everyone will often ask what is going on in indoor feng shui. What can be changed?

In fact, we can actually understand what is going on, and he may think that it is a supplement to the five elements of energy, but in our genre it is very important that we think that you are an individual and that your breathing will have an effect ifYou didn’t get this gas, you are not in this position, the effect of magnetism on you is very low, so you will not have problems, this is a practice we think is more scientific.

So when we live alone here, the magnetic influences of people in different locations in the same room are different.

In a room, you should carefully study where this person is.

The key to gas is the windows and doors in the house, so our approach is to follow the position where he sits and start to set a gossip position to analyze whether he has received good or bad gas from certain positions, so thatYou can quickly find out what is causing the problem.

The gas is actually like water, a little dirty and dirty.

So if the gas is not clean, the person will get sick.

Now it is the next yuan and eight transports (the contents of the ternary and nine transports involved here will be explained in detail in the course). Before 2024, the next eight transports are all in the north, the east, the southeast, and the southwest.
In principle, the next step is that simple means that all the gossips have their corresponding orientations. Now, when the next eight moves, the tricks on the five elements are the so-calledLost, it is the so-called decay.

We translate it into a position that everyone can understand, so you don’t have to go to the gossip map, unless you really want to be a feng shui master, otherwise the meaning of your back gossip is not particularly big, you just need to understand what is lost and remember these fourThe orientation is just right. The other four particularly good positions are the northeast, the south, the west, and the northwest. We are mainly talking about feng shui today, so we simply look at the lost.

Every artifact represents different parts of the body and different events. We simply look at the disease.

First of all, if you have a problem with your north window, it is actually a rough idea. This is related to the position you are sitting on.

Centering on the position you are sitting on, place the compass to find the north, apply the gossip, and then see which direction your door and window are on the gossip, and what direction is the direction of the gas.

In which direction we have a certain disease, we will look at how to do it in the case of Feng Shui.

The north represents Cangua, the Cangua is the middle man, the Cangua represents the ear, heart, blood, sex organs, kidney, bladder, diabetes, so if you are the longest place in your house, you are opening the north window, youSitting on the side for a few hours every day, you are prone to kidney disease, easy to have bone disease, because the main water will have bone disease, ear problems, heart problems.

Then you said that every day is two points and one line. Now people are busy working overtime. When they go home to sleep, they go out. We are talking about gas.

If other rooms don’t use you just go home to sleep, then the center point is your bed, you can think that you are lying in that place for eight hours to suck that gas is easy to go wrong.

So why do the feng shui of a house have different diseases?

The key is that everyone sleeps in a different room. Even if he sleeps in the same room, the sleeping position is different, and the center point is different.

So two people sleeping on the same bed will have different illnesses.

This is the case in the southwest. If you open the south window, you will be more likely to get to the southwest. It is easy to hurt the abdomen in the southwest, suffering from spleen and stomach, reproductive system, skin disease, prone to gastrointestinal diseases, and pregnant children.Abortion is particularly relevant to the southwestern gas.

I went to see an entrepreneur. He had a master of old Chinese medicine. He sent his family plan to the old Chinese doctor. He and the old Chinese doctor said that his wife had never been able to care for the children. The old Chinese doctor finished watching your home.The house is not pregnant with children.

This boss is very familiar with me and has a very good relationship. Let me go and see that his family problem is mainly to the southwest. The bed is too close to the south window. He asked how to change it. I suggest that the bed be moved backwards to solve it.After his southwesterly gas, his wife was pregnant and did not have a miscarriage.

The southwestern ridge is Kun Yu, which is related to the old mother. Therefore, if you have a younger woman in your family, you will get a stomach gastrointestinal illness and your stomach will be very uncomfortable. If there are some wind and water, you will have a stomach.The problem of opening the knife.

In the east, Nadong gas, the east represents the earthquake, and the shock represents the long man. Therefore, if you have a child in your home, if you have a first boy, this thing is very easy to hurt, if the abortion is becauseNadong gas, or children are prone to some problems, and related to Nadong gas.

Dongqi main foot, liver, limbs and car accidents, vibrations represent blows, so patients and limbs, liver disease is more relevant, if your home window is Zhengdong, when you sleep, this window is right, you find this person easy limbsInjury, he may have an ankle or handcuffs, may not sleep well, because liver disease is related to poor sleep, sleep problems, and temper is particularly large.

The first person to sleep in the east window, the work will be more difficult, easy to stay up late, the fire is very big, this is related to the east window.Before I had an investor and a fund, the partner of the fund chatted with me, saying that the foot was inexplicably scraped recently, and it was very uncomfortable to walk. Then I said that your window was open, he saidThe whole window at home is open to the east window.

I suggested that he change places, do not sleep in the east window, and now the feet are scraped, and if it is serious, it will lead to a broken car accident.

He asked how to change in a short time?

I said that the window will be closed in a short time, and the curtains will be pulled up, so I will not open the window.

It is not easy to have problems.

The disease that is susceptible to the southeast window is breast cancer, femoral disease, stroke, cold, and peach blossom.

Eastern allergies, colds are the most common.

The problem of large southeast gas is breast, easy to get breast cancer, breast has lumps, man is chest, and sciatic nerve problem, femoral disease, more serious is lumbar disc herniation, there may be problems with the knife.

Strokes are relatively rare, and they are susceptible to colds and are not easy to get. These are all related to the southeast.

The biggest problem in the southeast is related to peach blossoms, so in general, if you are in the southeast of your home, your marriage and love will not go well.

(The next section will share wonderful cases, to understand how to resolve, please listen to the next decomposition) Teacher introduced Jane young teacher Jane, born Buddha school, 15 years old teacher, teacher Taiwan Chen Longyu three yuan gas Feng Shui faction, purple micro bucket numberThe test is sent to the face of Xiaoxiang Jushi (the master of the book is the book “Xiangxiang Xiangfa Daquan”), which is good at Fengshui, architecture, Feng Shui, numerology, and Ziwei.

Has 15 years of numerology experience.

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