Areca nut gas kills insects

Areca nut gas kills insects

Core tips: Areca nut is a bitter and mild medicine. Good use of betel nut can kill insects and help digestion.

  Areca nut is a bitter and warm medicine, which is mainly used in the stomach and the large intestine meridian. It is a commonly used anti-accumulation medicine.

Its insecticidal effect is more prominent, and it also benefits water and interception.

It has a wide spectrum of deworming, and it has a repellent effect on parasites such as roundworms, roundworms, roundworms, hookworms, and ginger leafworms, and it has advantages in deworming.

It can be used for a variety of parasitic diseases, as well as stagnant food, bloated abdomen, unpleasant stool, athlete’s foot, and edema.

Caused by raw medication, but weakened by speculation, fresh ones continue to age.

The amount of decoction is about 10 grams.

Spleen deficiency, palpitation or qi deficiency should be used with caution, pregnant women should be used with caution.

  The mature peel of betel nut is a big belly, which has the effect of widening the qi and promoting swelling and swelling. It is a commonly used qi and hydrating medicine in clinical practice. It is used to treat edema, athlete’s foot, abdominal distension, and unfavorable urination.

  Areca nut pharmacological research Areca nut contains a variety of alkaloids. The main component of deworming is becoline, others are beteline.

Arecaline has a relaxing paralytic effect on tapeworms, paralyzing the parasites and being excreted.

It is most effective against Taenia solium, and is also effective against short roundworms, broadhead splithead tapeworms, and ginger leafworms.

Arecoline can directly stimulate the end of fibers after cholinergic ganglia, promote intestinal peristalsis and cause diarrhea, sometimes often cause complications or cause headache, and can promote the secretion of salivary adenosine and sweat glands.

  Modern research believes that in addition to certain acute toxicity, betel nut also contains carcinogens to the human body. Chewing betel nut can cause oral cancer.

Therefore, betel nut cannot be used as a chewing food for health care, and even if there is a preference for chewing, there must be a certain “measure” to avoid causing harm to the body.

  Betel nut medicated betel nut liqueur betel nut, 20 grams each of cinnamon, green peel, 10 grams each of rose, 5 grams of amomum, 1500 ml of rice wine, moderate sugar.

The first 5 flavors are made into coarse powder, put into a cloth bag, put into a ceramic container, add rice wine, and cook for 30 minutes, then add rock sugar, take out the medicine bag, and drink wine.

20 ml each time, drink 2 times a day.

This wine has the effects of relieving liver and stagnation, and treating qi-stagnation melasma.

Not suitable for pregnant women.

  Areca nut Atractylodes porridge with betel nut, 10 grams of Atractylodes, 1 pork belly, 100 grams of rice, ginger.

Wash the pork belly first and cut it into small pieces. Then put atractylodes, betel nut and ginger in gauze bags, put it in the casserole with the pork belly, cook until the pork belly is cooked, discard the medicine bag, and remove the pork belly., And leave the juice; add the previous rice, cook until the porridge is cooked, season with seasonings and eat.

This porridge supplements qi, eliminates product and stomach, and strengthens the spleen and stagnates. It is used for middle-aged and elderly patients with impaired digestive function. It can also be used for spleen and stomach weakness caused by stagnation and qi stasis, poor defecation, and limb drowsiness.

Take 1 dose daily.

  Health experience side deworming side betel nut 30?
120 grams, pumpkin seeds with skin 50?
150 grams, fry for juice, early morning fasting, 30?
After 60 minutes, brew magnesium sulfate powder 5?
30 grams.

  Betel Nut Sixiao Pills Areca Nut, Rhubarb, Morning Glory, Pork Tooth Soap, Xiangfu, Wulingzhi.

The formula is used for digestion and stagnation, qi and diarrhea, and is used for sputum and phlegm drink, indigestion, fullness in the abdomen, swallowing qi and acid, and constipation.

Water pills 1 time 6 grams, 2 times a day; Da Mi Wan 1 time, 1 pill (each pill weighs 9 grams), 2 times a day.

This product is a good medicine for treating stasis and internal stopping.

Anyone who is diagnosed with gastritis, gastric ulcer, gastrointestinal neurometabolism, cholecystitis, etc., which belongs to digestive sputum, sputum, gas, and hydrostasis, can be treated with this medicine.

Pregnant women should not take it.

  Wood Champagne Nut Pill Woody, betel nut, green peel, tangerine peel, zedoary turmeric, Coptis chinensis, cork, rhubarb, incense stick, morning glory, a total of water pills.

6 per serving?
9 grams, 2 times a day.
Can also be used as a decoction, decoction, reduce the amount.

The function of this prescription is to stagnate qi, clear the heat and defecate, treat abdominal distension, constipation, or unpleasantness of the spleen;