Real-time politics, accumulate a little bit every day


Real-time politics, accumulate a little bit every day

Saturday, October 13th, the fifth day of the lunar calendar, the Ministry of Education: cancel commercial advertising, commercial activities into primary and secondary schools; 2, the United States issued a nuclear power ban on China, China Nuclear Power: no impact on the “Hualong No. 1” construction;The central parity of the yuan against the US dollar “nine consecutive declines”, approaching 6.

93 mark, the lowest in more than one and a half years; 4, Jinshajiang Baige Lake has formed a natural discharge, flow 5 to 6 cubics per second; 5, Nantong notified the expired vaccine investigation: the doctor involved in the doctor;; 6, a 10-year trademark dispute, Beijing Daoxiang Village was sentenced to reset to “Taoxiang Village” logo; 7, Haha travel on-line taxi function: grab the market share of the drop, Ant Jinfu is a major shareholder; 8, National Radio and TelevisionGeneral Administration: Resolutely manage the problem of chasing stars and high-priced pay; 9.23 billion acquisition of WeChat public yellow!

Leo shares the acquisition of a 75% stake in Suzhou Mengjia; 10, Hurricane “Michael” landed in the United States to 7 deaths, the US Air Force Base was hit hard; 11, in order to save Chinese tourists, the Thai government plans to issue special visas (valid for six) Month’s double-entry visa); 12, Media: The degree of good feelings against Japan is the highest in 14 years, and the proportion of bad impressions on the day is as high as 86.

3%;[Heart]Eye is a ruler, the amount of people first measure themselves; the heart is a scale, said that people first call themselves!