Kitchen cabinets should be ventilated or have bacteria

Kitchen cabinets should be ventilated or have bacteria

Today, stylish and convenient cabinets have become a must-have item for every family.

But this is the item that people are familiar with, but it is the most difficult to ignore.

  Li Guohua, secretary-general of the Cabinet Committee of the National Federation of Industry and Commerce Furniture and Decoration Chamber of Commerce, said in an interview with the reporter of Life Times that the general family cabinets often hide the drainage pipes and other facilities in the cabinets in order to ensure the appearance. These places are easy to clean.There is a blind spot, and some cabinets also contain trash cans, which provide a hotbed for bacterial growth.

  Especially in the summer, the spoiled garbage will make the smell of the whole cabinet “smelly”!

Tyleno, a clinical microbiology expert at New York University Medical Center, pointed out that bacteria like the warm surrounding environment. In closed cabinets and dark corners, bacteria such as staphylococcus and bacteria will quietly reproduce, thus contaminating food and affecting it.Human health.

Therefore, in addition to regular thorough cleaning, the cabinet should always be open to ventilation, especially in the summer, it is best to let it breathe fresh air every day.

  In order to keep the overall appearance of the kitchen, many people will put dishes, chopsticks, knives, cutting boards, etc. in the cabinet.

Freshly washed dishes are smashed together, and the cabinets are not ventilated, so it is difficult to evaporate water. After a long time, odor will be generated, which will breed bacteria.

Therefore, the kitchen utensils should also be placed in a ventilated and dry place.

You can set up a dish rack next to the sink, and dry the washed dishes each time. Rinse with water once next time.

  It should be noted that the cutting boards we usually use are easy to absorb water, the surface is often scratched and slit, and often the residue of fresh food is hidden.

If the cleaning is not thorough, improper storage, the food residue will rot and will breed a large number of bacteria, and even mildew.

Therefore, don’t put it in the cupboard directly after use, but hang it and dry it outside.

  In addition, regular cleaning and maintenance of the cabinet is also very important.

The cleaning and maintenance of the cabinet should start from the countertop, and the cleaning methods of different materials are different.

Artificial stone countertops should not be rubbed with hard rags or steel balls, which can easily cause scratches or corrosion. It can be wiped with a soft towel with water. The material of the fireproof board can be wiped with nylon brush cleaner and then wiped with a damp cloth.For the original wood, the dust should be removed with tweezers and then wiped with a dry cloth. Do not scrub with a damp cloth.

No matter which kind of cabinet is afraid of high temperature, you should avoid direct contact of the hot pot during use.