Use water pressure to lose weight


Use water pressure to lose weight

Use water pressure to open the water head to the maximum, and the water outlet should be 10-15 cm away from the body.

The shower head is concentrated on the fatty parts of the body, and it is ideal to alternate showers with hot and cold water.

銆€銆€The feet and legs are massaged in a spiral from the tip of the toes until the groin.

銆€銆€The abdomen is centered on the navel and is spirally cleaned clockwise around the navel.

You can also use your hands to align the abdomen clockwise for a 10-minute abdominal massage. It is better to use a coarse salt bag with salt on the massage.

銆€銆€Gently massage the top in a lower spiral and consciously lift the side up.

銆€銆€The front end is spirally cleaned from the fingertips and the elbows toward the front end.

It is advisable to wash with your right hand first.

In order to achieve better results, after the shower, it is necessary to do a knee-squat and leg movement.

After bathing, your skin will be smooth and bright: after bathing, apply some lotion or natural lotion on warm skin to moisturize the skin and gently rub it to achieve deep moisturizing effect.

From top to bottom, do a full body massage.

銆€銆€The top is massaged from the bottom of the dark center to the top of it, in a spiral motion.

With the palms of both hands extended to the bottom of the top, sliding from the center to the left and right, the dark color has an improved feeling.

Chest cycling massage.

From the center of the dark to the chest to the chest, from bottom to top, the chest has an overall feeling of improvement.

銆€銆€The same is true for the palm of the arm to make a spiral massage from the hand to the shoulder.

銆€銆€The abdomen massages clockwise from the bottom right and spirals.

銆€銆€The foot is first massaged from the toes to the soles of the feet, then pat the feet 50 times each.

The two palms wrap around the toes and rub in the axial direction.

銆€銆€Hold your legs with your hands and massage in the direction of the upper part.

Massage with your hands and palms from your blood pressure to your thighs.

Tilt your body forward, separate your hands and make a spiral massage from your thighs to your hips.