How to improve the success rate of job search methods?

How to improve the success rate of job search methods?

Yue Shi is from the north. In the past few days, I applied according to certain recruitment information provided in the newspaper. However, several companies are a bit “big”. The true colors and recruitment positions of the company are not as stated in the advertisement.

So he was very angry and wondered: how can there be so many scam companies in Shanghai?

In fact, it should be said that Lin Zi is big and has all kinds of birds. There are indeed some “shadows” of recruitment in Shanghai. As a result, this magazine has also revealed a lot.

However, most media will conduct strict qualification audits on companies that require advertisements.

Of course, there are unavoidable job advertisements that disguise themselves well and deceive trust. At this time, the majority of job applicants need to keep their eyes open.

  There are some “scribbles” that can be seen.

If some advertisements do not have a company name, only an email number, or only a phone number, you don’t have to spend time researching or asking, because an incomplete advertisement is not trustworthy.

And there is another risk.

For a previous salary, Zhu Zhu had a friend who saw that a company was hiring for the position of sales executive. He saw that the situation was in line with himself, and the salary was slightly higher than now, so he responded to this advertisement.

As you might have guessed, he was fired because the ad was posted by his company.

  However, at any time, there is always a job (post) vacancy waiting for you to go to the post.

If you are looking for a job and you haven’t found those open positions, all you need is to change the job search method you are using.

  In fact, some job search methods are outdated.

According to the survey, through the Internet, by randomly sending resumes to employers, through job advertisements in popular magazines or professional magazines related to your profession, and through private employment agencies, the success rates are 1% and 7%, respectively., 7%, 5% -24%, 5-24%.

If you still blindly take these bad job search methods, your situation is not good.

  So which job search methods are worth it?


Seek help from your family, friends, community members, and employees of the Career Center.

You can ask a very simple question: “Do you know where you have vacancies or where you work?

“According to the survey, this job search method has successfully supplemented 33%.


Knock on the door of the company or office you are researching.

You bravely introduce yourself to others, and according to surveys, this job search method successfully replaces 47%.


Use phone book yellow pages.

Delineate the profession or industry you are interested in in your city, and then ask the companies in these industries whether they are hiring according to the list, and this position is exactly what you can and can do well.

The successful profit of this method is 69%.


Group with other job seekers and use the yellow pages of the phone book.

The following work is the same as the third method.


Creative job search methods.

  Regarding creative job search methods, the cover character of the 18th issue of the Workplace Guide 2003, Liu Hui, is most experienced.

When I first arrived in Shanghai, I tasted the traditional job search methods. I always felt that the pay is not directly proportional to the gain. So after three weeks of “examination”, I finally decided to be a cover character.

As a result, interest in her eventually led to interesting job opportunities.

This is a very creative job search and an experience that requires courage. Fortunately, she succeeded-less than a year ago. She is now the manager of the human resources department of a company.