World Club Cup bonus discounts anger players West Sydney Rangers players strike out _1

World Club Cup bonus discounts angered players West Sydney Rangers players make a strike December 8th Yesterday, according to New York media reports, the Australian Western Sydney Rangers, who had just won the AFC Champions League, were dissatisfied with the club’s excessive stunt of the World Club Cup bonus plan and planned to boycott the World Club that will start next week.cup.On Twitter and Facebook’s social networks, star players from major clubs in the Australian Super League have tweeted in support of the World Club Cup bonus rights activist for FC FC players in Western Sydney.  The Western Sydney Wanderers Club is only willing to provide 10% of the Moroccan World Club Cup bonus ($1.2 million) to players as an additional bonus. The team flew half the earth, and the per capita bonus was several thousand dollars.The CEO of the Western Sydney Rangers Club told the media that the club’s plan is to use the remaining prize money to participate in the World Club Cup as a fund to upgrade the team’s training ground, facilities and youth training, in order to comprehensively upgrade the club for the team’sFuture plans.  This aroused the anger of all the players.The player union chief Adam said that he has received bids from the Rangers team players and will be on behalf of the players and the Western Sydney Rangers Club.The AFC’s bonus to the AFC Champions this year is $1.5 million, but the team members only paid half of the $750,000 (about 4.61 million yuan).This number can’t even catch up with the winning prize of a Super League game. Last year Evergrande won the AFC Champions League with a total prize of 1.400 million yuan.