10 slimming 诀窍 control food component

10 slimming 璇€绐?control food component

The results of a study published at the annual meeting of the Association for Eating Behavior Research, the key factor in weight loss is – component control.

If you want to lose weight, you must first find your normal, standard food intake; the second is to eat well.
Only in this way can you be beautiful and thin for a long time.
Here are 10 tips to control the amount of food, I hope to help you.
.hzh {display: none; }銆€銆€1.Divide the plate into a few pieces before eating. Here’s an easy way to plan a food mix for a nutritious meal.
First divide the plate into two halves.
Half of it is filled with fruits and vegetables, and the rest is used to hold protein and staple food.
In this way, you will know how to match a nutritious, balanced meal.
Italian meatball noodles, or steaks with potatoes, they can only be used as part of a full meal, plus enough fruits and vegetables to be a balanced meal.
If you want to eat snacks, choose the small package. The larger the food, the more food you take out from it.
Someone once did such an experiment. When watching TV, one group gave M&M beans in small packages, and the other group gave M&M beans in heavy packaging weighing one pound. The number of foods given to a large package was given.Doubled the small package.
Avoid eating blindly After eating in an Italian restaurant, 31% don’t remember how much bread they ate.
If you are worried that you will not eat too much, after eating a certain amount, remove the bread or rice from the table.
Use a small plate to hold food If you are a person who likes to eat the food on the plate, use a slightly smaller plate.
The same amount of noodles, if placed on a 20-25 cm diameter plate, looks a lot like a satisfying meal.
If you change the size of the plate to 30 to 35 cm, it seems that the noodles are not enough.
You may be able to get more on the plate.
The researchers did an experiment and gave the participants a 500 ml bowl and a 1 liter bowl to let them ice cream.
Those who used a 1 liter bowl ate 31% more ice cream.
Control your choices The more choices you have, the more you want to try.
In one study, the researchers gave the two groups of participants a sugar bean for the person watching the movie.
A set of obtained jelly beans has 6 colors and is neatly placed in 6 grids.
Another group of obtained jelly beans, all kinds of colors, are mixed together.
Those who get mixed jelly beans eat twice as much as the other.
Don’t put food in a visible place.
銆€銆€People who work in the office, if they put candy in a visible place, eat 71% more than those who put candy in an invisible place.
Make the most of your strengths In most families, there is always a person who checks the nutrition of the whole family. It is usually up to her to decide what the whole family eats.
She is responsible for food purchases and food cooking for the whole family.
If you are this person, then fully use your rights.
銆€銆€8.Turning off the TV’s rich and varied TV programs will also make your waistline thicker.

The only reason is that because you are sitting on the couch for a long time, the TV distracts your attention, and you often don’t realize how much you have eaten.

One study, comparing the number of people eating popcorn, the first group of people watched the half-hour TV show while eating, while the other group watched an hour-long TV while eating.

As a result, the group that watched the TV time correction ate 28% more popcorn.


Before you drink, be sure to think twice about pouring cranberry juice into two equal-sized cups.

One cup is short and wide, and the other cup is tall and narrow.

People who use short cups drink 19% more juice than those who use high cups.

This is because the eye always pays attention to the height and always exceeds the width when judging the volume.


Control the food ingredients not as little as possible. Not all foods are eaten as little as possible. Some healthy foods should be fully ingested, such as fruits and vegetables.

If you want your family to eat more fruits and vegetables, put the fruits and vegetables on the table for dinner, or other places where it is convenient to pick up.

In a research report that is about to be published, Winseng found that when the carrots were placed in a visible place, the family would eat 25% more carrots.