What are the contraindications for the effects of various supplements in winter?


What are the contraindications for the effects of various supplements in winter?

The winter is coming, the weather is dry, the body is weak, and the tonic is at the time.

However, in the same physical condition, we must choose the same tonic, and the quality of the 鈥渢onic鈥?that is known in the market is uneven, and it is difficult to distinguish between true and false.

What are the contraindications for various supplements?

銆€銆€The older the value of the flower gum, the more the flower gum has a miraculous effect on wound healing, suitable for people who are maternal and seriously ill.

The salesperson said that the value of aged rubber is higher.

銆€銆€How to identify new and old rubber glue?

銆€銆€The salesperson said, “In appearance, the new rubber is whiter and more transparent, and the old rubber tends to be golden, and the wrinkles are covered with cracks.

In terms of taste, the new gum has a sticky texture, and the old rubber is completely non-sticky, and the pick up becomes very thick, even more than one centimeter.

“But the salesperson reminded that people with loss of appetite and dampness should avoid using gelatin.

銆€銆€In addition, when buying bird’s nest, you should “look, smell, pull, and dip.”

銆€銆€The specific steps are: one look: the bird’s nest should have an irregular filamentous structure, and the block-like structure is not a natural bird’s nest; the second smell, the dry bird’s nest has a special smell, and has a natural protein smell after stewing.

There is a fishy smell for fakes; three pulls, take a small piece of bird’s nest soaked in water, take it after being soft and pull it, with elasticity; one pull is broken is a fake; four dip, real blood swallow or Huang YanEven after soaking or stewing, the color will not change.